suspended loudspeaker, sinewaves, dry leaves, cables


‘Fragili Frequenze’ presents a plant-like installation crafted from loudspeakers, dry leaves, and cables which emerges as a captivating centerpiece within the installation. Suspended from the ceiling by an aluminum frame, the speakers hang upwards like budding blossoms. At the tip of each branch, an arrangement of dry leaves rests atop the speaker cone. The audio cables slope smoothly to the floor, forming the branches and slender trunk of this sculpture.

As the speakers emit a gradual sequence of harmonic and occasionally inharmonic tones, the leaves respond with subtle vibrations, generating a mesmerizing and ever-evolving rustling soundscape. Like the changing seasons of autumn, some leaves eventually detach and gently descend to the floor below. These fallen leaves accumulate into a scattered pile, carefully arranged at the base of the tree, echoing the natural cycle of renewal and transformation.